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DataPlane Mobile data solutions provides the infrastructure to integrate your mobile terminals in your corporate network (mobile intranet connectivity). We are also specialized in deploying and managing high-end to low-end firewalls.


Regardless of the size of your company’s network, your main goal is to protect your data and secure your network against threats and attacks from within and outside your network and at the same time provide your employees with a secure (and hassle free) access to your internal network resources (i.e. corporate mail / File servers/ intranet) without compromising the network security.


Today, more and more companies provide their employees and external staffs (i.e. consultants) with the possibility to remotely connect to the corporate network and perform their duties. Ideally you would want your employees to be able to perform the same activities as they do when they are in the office without creating a loophole or compromising your network security. And of course you would want the external staffs(outsourced activities) to be limited to certain parts of the network.


We believe that the highest level of network security can only be achieved with a good security design combined with the choice of the security appliances deployed in the network. DataPlane can help you design, implement and manage the right security solution to make your network robust and secure.

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